What is VideoConnect?

VideoConnect is a scalable, easy-to-use video collaboration solution that creates engaging corporate video communities. Within VideoConnect, companies are able to create, collaborate, share and optimize online video across all of their departments and teams.


  • Use VideoConnect's iOS app to create and manage videos directly from your iOS device.
  • Easily upload videos via webcam, desktop or link
  • Add interactive links and captions to your videos
  • Integrated video titles, categories and descriptions in video meta data allow for easier internal and public video searches


  • Create an internal video community for your company to share ideas and goals through video
  • Easily manage internal viewing privileges for departments through integrated login hierarchies
  • Moderate company videos easily from location
  • Start a conversation around your videos with integrated video commenting


  • 1-click video distribution to internal and public video libraries like YouTube
  • Make your video public and easily allow viewers to share video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and via Email
  • Easily create public viewing video pages to share outside the company with prospects and partners


  • Find out which videos are the most popular within your company
  • Track total video plays and engagement rates
  • Use video thumbnail A/B testing to find out which images get clicked on the most
  • Use the custom report builder to create overall video reports based on engagement